Walking therapy - London Counselling and Psychotherapy

Walking Therapy integrates counselling, psychotherapy, mindfulness and coaching with physical exercise in a naturally therapeutic outdoor setting.

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• When we walk we often feel invigorated, happy and full of life. This is due to endorphins and serotonin being released into the body which impacts positively upon our mental health, creating a ‘natural high’. 

Walking within a natural setting is beneficial because sounds, scents and scenery help us to recall memories, thoughts and feelings in the present moment.

 Walking Therapy improves your mood, reduces stress and anxiety and builds self-esteem. So walking can help you to start the day feeling calmer and happier.

 Walking Therapy is an extremely effective intervention for depression, anxiety, work stress, addiction problems and anger management,  encouraging mindfulness and creative thought. Enhanced creative thinking can enable us to develop new strategies in the way that we think, feel and behave and can help us to find solutions to life, relationship  and work problems.


• Walking Therapy helps decrease blood pressure, promotes weight loss and helps channel unwanted or negative feelings out of the body. This in turn can help decrease physical and emotional stress. 

• The walking element of the therapy sessions can help lower cholesterol levels, increase metabolism and promote weight loss.  150 -200 calories can be burnt in a 50 minute Walking Therapy session and can help introduce regular exercise back into your busy life.

• Walking improves circulation throughout your body, carrying more oxygen and nutrients to your organs. This contributes towards clearer thinking, whilst at the same time lowering blood pressure and stress levels. 

• Walking helps to boost your immune system, thereby reducing sick days off work.


• We feel naturally drawn to being outside. As human beings, we have a deep connection with nature . It makes us feel relaxed, happy and free. Walking Therapy encourages clients to develop a more positive way of feeling and thinking which helps contribute towards a happier and more optimistic outlook.

 Walking outdoors, surrounded by nature, has been shown to dramatically improve our mood, our general outlook on life and our sense of well-being. This can help increase our feelings of inner peace and calmness which are strongly correlated with spirituality.

 When we feel spiritually connected to our environment, it provides a sense of support, belonging, relationship, understanding and perspective.  Being able to connect with nature can provide each and every one of us with a consistent source of support and feeling of presence within our everyday lives.

• Besides the positive physical and stress-relieving benefits of exercise and fresh air, walking in nature allows us to connect with something much larger than ourselves.  We can also take a quiet moment to create space in our lives and process our thoughts with a sense of compassion and inner-strength .