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Walking Therapy integrates counselling, psychotherapy, mindfulness and coaching with physical exercise in a naturally therapeutic outdoor setting.

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I came to meet Jonathan following an emotional and physical crisis. Through his caring, non-judgemental, compassionate approach, I have developed an understanding of my emotional history and why my current feelings and behaviour were so confusing. I have come to terms with past events and relationships and can now exist in the present without fear. For the first time in my life, I am in control of me. I cannot recommend Jonathan enough for anyone who is considering counselling as a way to explore their behaviour and feelings to achieve a happy, confident, present self.
— J.S
I first started to see Jonathan in my GP’s practice. This was conventional, face-to-face talking therapy in a seemingly non-threatening environment. However, I found that this approach was too intense and resulted in a horrible headache after every session, a similar reaction I had experienced when I had accessed counselling previously. I was going through a very difficult time at work, was emotionally and physically burnt out so headaches, exhaustion and anxiety were a part of my everyday existence. After a few sessions Jonathan suggested a change to walking therapy on Wimbledon Common. What a revelation, to walk in beautiful surroundings in the changing seasons uplifted the soul, stopped the headaches and was not nearly as intense. I found myself looking forward to my weekly walks and even factored in times to walk around the common each weekend. Subsequently my activity levels increased and I felt better physically, but most importantly I found that I was able to work through the very complex issues that had culminated in a long period of anxiety and depression and complete burn out. Walking therapy enabled me to reach a point where I felt that I was in control of my life once more. With Jonathan’s help I learnt strategies that reduced my anxiety, I felt lighter in myself and was able to confront my “demons”.
— B.H
I started seeing Jonathan after suffering an emotional breakdown due to my relationship breaking down and growing pressures at work. I had reached a point where I needed professional help. From the very first session Jonathan put me at ease and I felt very comfortable in his presence. Throughout my year of seeing Jonathan on a weekly basis, he was always caring, compassionate and understanding, yet when necessary he asked difficult questions the needed answering. I never felt judged in any way. Jonathan helped me through the most difficult period of my life and after a year I now feel in control of my life and true to myself. He has helped me understand why I behaved and felt the way I did. He has helped me put ghosts from the past to bed and I am now able to look forward to the future a stronger person. I will be forever grateful to Jonathan and the time and effort he undertook to help me get better. I would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone who is thinking about seeking professional help.
— C.S
I was suffering from extreme anxiety and depression when my wife made an appointment for me to have counselling. I couldn’t see a way forward or a future for me and therefore doubted if that this could help. Throughout a course of sessions with Jonathan and with his guidance and support, I became more self-aware and confident and gradually recovered to see the future could be brighter for me. Jonathan was professional, caring and understanding and I felt safe talking in the confidential, comfortable surroundings where we had our meetings. Finding a good counsellor is very important and I am very grateful I met with Jonathan to help me through my transition which proved crucial to my recovery. Many thanks.
— George.
I sought Jonathan’s help at a time when I finally admitted to myself that my heavy drinking was more than just heavy drinking and had become a significant problem. He helped me face up to the reality (and severity) of my situation - something we drinkers play elaborate mind-games to avoid. He prompted me to look at the causes and effects of long-term alcohol abuse and to find a way out of the self-perpetuating spiral of self-loathing and despair that was taking over my conscious hours.

I started to understand the roots of some of my destructive behaviours and began to turn things around, regaining self-respect and developing a renewed sense of purpose and enjoyment in life - feelings that had escaped me for a long time. It took time and patience (for both of us) and I don’t think I could have arrived at this contented place on my own. I’m glad I didn’t try.

Jonathan influenced this transformation using his wide experience and knowledge of the human psyche, as well as positive encouragement and an enormous amount of understanding and empathy.

Walking made the process of ‘opening up’ and ‘facing up’ so much easier than sitting face-to-face in a clinical environment, often making therapy sessions refreshing and invigorating rather than what could otherwise feel uncomfortable, even stifling.

I haven’t had a drink for well over a year and I no longer want one.
— P.M
I’d had therapy in the past that didn’t really ever work for me, which ended up putting me in a position where therapy was the last thing I wanted. I came to Jonathon not wanting any help with any of the things I was going through or dealing with. Within an hour my view on my problems had changed and I’d felt immediately better about myself. Throughout a year of therapy with Jonathon my whole life had changed. I’d overcome a very dark stage in my life and most of all I’d become a better, stronger and nicer person - allowing my real personality to show. I’d recommend anyone to talk to Jonathon if they’re having any sort of trouble.
— H.R
After my mother passed away, I became very lost and anxious. Jonathan provided me with a space to talk about my feelings freely and made me feel comfortable to do so with his kind, warm and understanding nature. Over time, I started to become more in tune with my feelings and I learned to let go of the things in life that are beyond my control. I am now feeling much more positive about the future. Thank you Jonathan.
— S.H
My early morning walking sessions were great. Starting the day with a clear head, in the fresh air, with a great talk, it really worked for me. I love sports and to exercise, and also being in nature - the fact that I could combine these two with my sessions worked really well for me. Jonathan was always great to recommend new methods and tools to overcome my challenges. The walking, talking and being in nature helped me also to talk easier rather than in a room, sat on a sofa in a more ‘static’ way.
— A.K
I had never really sought out professional counselling before (aside from one disastrous experience), and I was worried that it just wouldn’t be right for me. But walking therapy with Jonathan was so different from any of the stuffy types of therapy I had in mind. Walking therapy allowed me to feel relaxed and in a spacious, comfortable environment where opening up felt easy. Jonathan helped this process along by being encouraging, thoughtful and patient with my mental and emotional journey. Our sessions felt like talking to a really insightful friend, just as likely to be full of laughter as serious matters. He helped me find my own answers for myself, while using his considerable training to explain things along the way. Our sessions helped me to feel strong and enabled again, and I’m grateful for that.
— B.C
I found the walking sessions with Jonathan very beneficial, mentally being outside helps clear your head and you have an hour in the fresh air while having your session. I always felt slightly lighter and more at ease after our sessions. I would highly recommend him.
— M.P